Breadcrumb navigation question

I’d really like to implement a breadcrumb at the top of my HMIs. This is something I’ve had to hard “code” in wysiwyg HMI software in the past and considering the scripting nature of Ignition, I was hoping to do this a bit more efficiently. In the past I’ve coded breadcrumbs via PHP for websites etc. and I’m sure I could hack something together with scripting but I can’t help but feel this might already exist? There is the “horizonal menu” that looks but doesn’t act the way a breadcrumb would. I searched around the forums and came across some old posts looking for this feature but didn’t find any ready solutions. Anyone?

We have no breadcrumb navigation component, however we do offer a scripting method that you may find useful in building your own system.perspective.navigateBack - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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