Breaking String (Window Path)

To all Awesome people,
I want to display the name of the Window/ Screen in Header. I have used {[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow} in label expression however it displays full path.
" Folder Name/Folder Name/MM "

How can I make to display just "MM" using expression or script.

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You could easily do it in expression with split().
Alternativily python also has a split function.

fullPath = " Folder Name/Folder Name/MM "

Both return lists and you will have to grab only the last item in those lists. Expression language should generally be used whenever you can.

Hi CalebM

Thank you for your response.

I use split function in expression for table and i got dataset however i am not sure how do i extract value from Row?



Note that in designer that tag is blank, that is why I wrapped it in a try.

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Thank you very much MMaynard :v: