Breakpoint Container + CordinateContainer bug


When I start my project with a BreakpintContainer.
Then add a Cordinate Contailer (Percent) inside, all the alignment tool is off.
If I choose "Fixed" it is correct.
This must be a bug inside Perspective ?

Hi @Filip_Olsen,

I was not able to replicate the issue you're having on version 8.1.28.

This behavior you're describing is similar to a bug that is currently being worked on. To say for certain if what you're experiencing is related to this bug, we will need you to reach out to our support department. They can gather the information needed to help figure this out.

Also, if this is due to a bug, then they will be able to send you an automatic follow-up when it gets resolved.

In case you need to reference it, the bug I'm referring to is BUG-1485 "Coordinate Container: the selection overlay for children within a percent mode coordinate container that is within a flex container is incorrectly offset"