Breakpoint for Side Menu

I have been working on a project where we would like both a desktop and mobile version. I have found using breakpoints, once the screen reaches a certain size, it will turn into the mobile version of the screen I created.

However, I cannot seem to make the menu have a breakpoint to use an alternative one once the screen reaches a certain size.

I am using perspective and using the “shared settings” option to have a menu on the side. I would like to have an alternative side menu for mobile because the desktop one is too big and covers everything. The current work around is to allow the menu to be hidden to use the mobile screen.

Is there a way to have perspective use an alternative side menu when using a mobile device?

Hello Mitchell,
Is the Menu View using a column or breakpoint container? You may have to recreate the view then use it inside your working project. That way, the side menu and your new breakpoint view will auto-adjust together at the same time. Would that work?


But, how can the menu size be changed? The size of the breakpoint view remains same, so the desktop menu does not resize to the mobile menu.