BreakPoint View, Flex Container and LED Display

I’m trying to use an LED Display in a Flex Container in ROW mode (in a Breakpoint View) and the LED display is cut off and doesn’t display the entire number. It works fine in COLUMN mode, Solution? See screen shot. Tried to increase width, added padding, etc… Screen capture is in designer.


What is the LED display’s width? It looks like the basis might be set to a smaller value than what the LED display needs, or shrink might be turned on

Try to zoom in or out on your current page of the browser you are using and see if that works!

@dwoo Were you ever able to fix this issue? I’m seeing the same issue running 8.1.12.

I resolved it by making the LED window larger, had to shrink the text label to the left of it. But I am planning on visiting it again to try and resolve it…I was going to try THEWEBPLEB’s suggestion…

Still happening. The LED gets cut off if inside a row flex container; but it looks like you can protect it from cutoff it by wrapping the LED in a column flex inside the row flex.