Bridging through Controllogix backplane to another subnet

Does your OPC-UA Device driver for controllogix allow me to bridge through a controllogix backplane from one ENBT to another ENBT and access a processor on that subnet? ie. I’ve got one ENBT in slot 3 with an addy of and I’d like to bridge to an ENBT in slot 0 to access a processor in slot 6 in a remote chassis with an ENBT addy of
I tried to configure the driver using a Hostname of and a connection string of 1,[0,2,,1],6. The device status shows connected, but I can’t browse any tags.

I called tech support about this very problem a few months ago and no resolution was found. This is a feature I will need in the next month or so.

It currently is not supported, but will be added in the next month.

OK, thanks!

Has this feature been added yet?

It is very close for the ControlLogix and CompactLogix processors. Next will be the PLC, SLC and MicroLogix.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you !

Status Update? Otherwise we will need to look into switching back to Kepware for this functionality.

Yes, we have bridging to another subnet through a ControlLogix gateway working in-house for ControlLogix, CompactLogix and SLC processors.

I’ll be wrapping it up and pushing it out to the beta soon.


How about the following route?
Controllogix backplane

We can use RSLinx otherwise I guess

Edit: Its possible, I found the answer in the user manual