Browse client and system tags

Hi to all
as we already know Ignition provides a quick way to browse tags by using the function: “browseTags” and “browseTagSimple”. I just discovered that these functions are able to browse only the tag related to a tag provider.
Is there a way to browse the client tags and the system tags?"[System]Path/To/Tag")"[Client]Path/To/Tag")

I think that these functions are for browsing gateway tags. You can use it for get the gateway system tags, but for client tags don’t.

Client tags are part of projects, so, if this function would supported, there should be a parameter to specify in which project browse or some kind of tagPath that represent the different client tags in different projects.

Maybe you can ask IA to add this functionality in the ideas site: There are already one function that expose projects windows names: system.gui.getWindowNames(). You need a similary one, but that get the tagpaths of the clients tags.


[quote=“Kyle Chase”]"[System]Path/To/Tag")"[Client]Path/To/Tag")[/quote]

Sorry Kyle but I already use the read function as well as the write function to handle the I/O operation on all the client tags. I thought the browseTag function was usable as the other function on the clients tags but seems it’s not true. This is so strange because as we all know everything in Ignition is manageable by using the correct path (windows, tags, udt and so on…)

This is the new idea posted on the site:

Please vote if you think this could be a good improvement

Thank you