Browse Contrologix tags offline

Have made this request before.
Sure would be helpful to get Contrologix tags from the Rslogix5000 *.acd file into the SQLtags browser. FactoryTalk ME & SE can do this.
Or at least a driver for the Contrologix simulator

Don’t always have a physical PLC at the start of a project.

Yeah, this would be cool. I’ll make sure there’s at least a ticket for it somewhere.


If not from .ACD, this should be very doable from an RSLogix .L5K (XML) export.

Any update on this?

Not from us. @pturmel has a module that can do stuff with the XML export but not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

I am familiar with this module. I was hoping for a better solution. Thanks for the update

Is there a published schema for the L5X XML? I don’t see one in 1756-RM084.

Not something I know. I will continue messing around with the third party module

Seems like page 35 has what you’re looking for no?

Not really; I’m looking for an XML schema document, not written documentation and examples.



Check out here. After trying it further, there is a lot to offer. I am having this one problem.

I have an unofficial L5X schema that works on v32 (working on v33 compatibility with PlantPAx objects). I could get it hosted on GitHub if there’s interest.

I’d at least be interested in taking a look at it.

We’re not building anything right now, but if/when we do it would certainly help if I could generate an XML parser from a schema rather than write one by hand…

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Thanks. I hope you didn’t have to do that by hand :grimacing:

Ain’t nobody got time for that :wink:

I’ve seen a CLX program with ~1 million tags in it… I wonder how big that XML export would be and if it could even be parsed without a custom streaming parser anyway…

That would be interesting to play with–my module uses a custom streaming parser that discards the parts of an L5X that it can’t use…

In case someone else is searching and comes across this post; here's a Rockwell publication that details the L5X export schema:

### Logix 5000 Controllers Import/Export