Browse Historical Tags not finding all tags in client

We have a gateway network set up with a corporate gateway, and plant gateway’s for three individual plants. The corporate gateway is the main vision gateway, the plant gateway’s only connect to devices and act as historian. So each plant gateway is a remote tag provider to the corporate gateway.

We are running Ignition Platform 7.9.3

We have created an ad-hoc trending tool which uses the following script as a way to browse and filter tags for each plant

def browseTags(path,filter,rows):
	for result in system.tag.browseHistoricalTags(path).getResults():
		tagPath = result.getPath()
		if not result.hasChildren():
			if filter != None and len(filter):
				if filter.lower() in str(tagPath).lower():
					tagText = str(tagPath).split('/tag:')[1].rsplit('/',1)								
					row = [tagText[0],tagText[1],tagText[1]]
				tagText = str(tagPath).split('/tag:')[1].rsplit('/',1)						
				row = [tagText[0],tagText[1],tagText[1]]
				print row

Whenever we add new historical tags I have to run this script in the script console before the tags will be found in the client running the exact same script. I have verified that the tags are collecting history and do exist in the database table.

Is there something that would cause this in the configuration?

Perhaps I just don’t understand how the browseHistoricalTags works.

The only significant thing I can think of that may have something to do with this is that we have no projects set up on any of the plant gateways. Would this cause this behavior?

Any insight is appreciated.