Browse pending and download mode

Hi everyone!
I have some devices (PLCs connected to scada through a gateway) that often go in “browse pending” or “Download Mode”, so tags from that devices aren’t updated and It happens to lose data.
Every time I saw devices in this status, I tried to disable and then to enable device and it works.

Which could be the reasons of this beaviour and, is it possible to set an alert that send me an e mail in case of Browse pending (so the status is still connected)or download mode?

Thank you for your help

Where do you see the “Browse pending” status? Is that on an OPC server in the Ignition gateway status page (see screenshot)?


Or are you using a different PLC driver, and what type of PLC?

If it’s OPC, you can use the system.opc.getServerState to check the state of the OPC device, and system.opc.setServerEnabled to False and True to reset the connection.

I’ve had to do this when we had a quite unreliable network, and in 1% of the cases, the PLC wouldn’t come back online after losing connection. It would get stuck in “Connecting” status. But I’ve never seen a PLC hang in the statuses you mention.

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I saw this status in the devices list in configuration area (under opc-ua server section).

Then you probably need to use the system.device.* functions.

AFAIK, those functions are used for PLCs with custom drivers. Though we don’t use those functions, as we always connect via OPC.

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Thank you for your help…
our PLCs are Allen Bradley and yes I’m talking about device connetivity.
I saw that this system.device function allows me to see (for example) my device list but I don’t know
if I can see device status to put an alert.
thank you!

The device state is part of the dataset that is returned. Example from my server

row | Name                         Enabled State                       Driver      
 0  | 3501_EZPLC                   False   Disabled                    ModbusTcp   
 1  | 3502_Wintriss                False   Disabled                    ModbusTcp   
 2  | 3501_Wintriss                False   Disabled                    ModbusTcp   
 3  | 3502_EZPLC                   False   Disabled                    ModbusTcp   
 4  | Engel                        True    Disconnected                ModbusTcp   
 5  | PM_3220_3701                 True    Connected                   ModbusTcp   
 6  | Simulator1                   True    Connected                   Simulator   
 7  | SLC_SIM                      True    Connected                   SLCSimulator
 8  | 3220_Husky                   True    Disconnected                ModbusTcp   
 9  | DT1_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 10 | Jordan Micro850              True    Connecting                  ModbusTcp   
 11 | DS1_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 12 | DS2_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 13 | DS3_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 14 | DS4_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 15 | DT2_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 16 | DT3_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 17 | DT4_Andon                    True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 18 | PowerMonitor East Mains      True    Connected: Protocol: Direct SLC         
 19 | PowerMonitor Buss A          True    Connected: Protocol: Direct SLC         
 20 | PowerMonitor Compressor Room True    Connected: Protocol: Direct SLC         
 21 | DT_Riveter1                  True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 22 | DT_Riveter2                  True    Connected                   LogixDriver 
 23 | Jordan CLogix                True    Connecting                  LogixDriver 
 24 | Cable_Andon                  True    Connected                   LogixDriver 

That being said, I usually only keep browsing on long enough to do the initial development. After that, I will turn it off and use system.device.refreshBrowse() to update only when necessary.

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@rea_21 what ended up being your issue here? Im facing a similar problem now.

I am having this problem also.

Ignition 7.9.17

Even with “Disable Automatic Browse” checked the CompactLogix devices status will switch back and forth between Browse Pending and Download without going back to Connected.

If I just edit the device and save (no changes) it will go back to connected and stay that way for several hours. Then the problem comes back.

Im having the same issue did you every find a result?

Hello, i’m having the same issue

so, i enter to edit the device, save without changes, goto run state, and a few minutes later goes back to pending.
Any advice?