Browse Pending

I was in the process of making an addition to a system we have here. Part of this involed adding a UDT to a CompactLogix processor. I was then going to add a transaction group to Ignition. However, I can not find the tag by browsing, no matter how many times I click ‘Refresh.’ When I went to the list of Devices in the Gateway config page I noticed that that device always indicates ‘Browse Pending’ as well as ‘Connected.’ All other functions involved with this device appear to be functioning. Any idea what’s going on? Currently running version 7.3.3.

You may want to try refreshing the browse cache, which is different than hitting the ‘refresh’ button in the designer. On the gateway page that shows the connected devices there is a link that says ‘refresh browse’. Give that a click and see if it helps.

Also, you may need to manually delete the *.tags file that represents your PLC’s tag cache. This will be located on the file system of the Ignition server, under the Ignition installation directory.

Oddly enough it started working again. I can’t explain it. I don’t think it was anything I did as I’d done all that last week and it remained in the same condition for 3 days. Then, all of a sudden it started working.

I’ve done the ‘refresh browse’ thing many times already without effect.