browseHistoricalTags() not returning all tags

Not all of the historical tags are returning from the system.tag.browseHistoricalTags() command and I don’t see a difference in the tags that are returned from the ones that are not.

Database query results (Note both “L43-315” and “L99-987” string array tags)

|2849|mes devices/l43-315[0]|13|2|0|1559663140399|NULL|
|2850|mes devices/l43-315[1]|13|2|0|1559663140399|NULL|
|2818|mes devices/l99-987[0]|13|2|0|1558731853536|NULL|
|2819|mes devices/l99-987[1]|13|2|0|1558731853536|NULL|

SQL Query:
SELECT * FROM dbo.sqlth_te T
WHERE (T.tagpath LIKE ‘mes devices/L99%’ OR T.tagpath LIKE ‘mes devices/L43%’)
AND T.retired IS NULL ORDER BY T.tagpath ASC

Test code to isolate the data from the script console:

t=system.tag.browseHistoricalTags(path=hp, nameFilters=['*l43*','*l99*']).getResults()
for s in t:
	print s.getPath()


histprov:Ignition_TEST:/drv:ignition-lneist01:default:/tag:mes devices/l99-987[1]
histprov:Ignition_TEST:/drv:ignition-lneist01:default:/tag:mes devices/l99-987[0]

Note that “L43-315” is NOT in the data back from Ignition. Why not?

I checked:

  • scan class is the same
  • data type is the same
  • tags are not retired
  • both tags currently have data in the string arrays

I am using a trial version for development and when I created the tags the gateway may have been timed out. I am unsure either way. I deleted the tag and re-created with the gateway running today after working this problem yesterday. This did not change the results.

Anyone else see this kind of problem?

I found in a script that I was trying to write a dataset to the string array tag and requesting an immediate execution of the scan class. Once this was removed, the rest of the script worked fine. There was no obvious indication of the problem: no database entries for that tag appear invalid; the tag type remained correct in the database; the OPC tag did not show an error.