Browser Library Error

Not able to create any views under perspective session due to browser library error. Also not able to access the sepasoft components inside perspective.

Did you “see logs for more details” ? What do they say ?

I am facing the same error, in the gateways logs it says “productiongatewayhook”.

See also this thread: [Bug-1203] Designer Chromium Crash with Exit Code 139 on MacOS Big Sur

It’s a known issue stemming from our use of JXBrowser. We’re actively waiting on a fix from them, but their last several releases have resolved this issue but introduced a number of equally serious issues in other places. Until we can identify a desirable build from them we can’t do anything about this.

I feel like I have to ask…is this bringing up any concerns within IA about continuing to rely on JXBrowser? I am completely naive to the complexities of embedded browsers and the other options that are available, so feel free to tell me that this question is absurd! It’s just when I see something like this where a fairly severe bug has had to be left in production for over a year due to too many other severe bugs in newer releases…I start to worry this will become an ongoing theme.

I don’t think this is an absurd question. The answer is just that there is no other option. Our wagon is hitched.