Browser version Ignition (applet) doesn't start

hello :laughing: ,
We have a 7.7.1-rc1 (b2014072908) installation of Ignitition and have an issue with the browser version not working. The url is … PonInsight
I am being redirected to
I have Java 7 update 67 64 bits version installed.
This issue occurs in both Google Chrome Version 37.0.2062.120 m and Internet Explorer 11
on a Windows 8 64 bits platform.

Inductive support suggested to add the website to compatibility view settings but then the link to the applet doesn’t work at all anymore.

Please reply if you have :exclamation: suggestions that help me solve this issue :unamused: .

I was able to launch it in firefox version 33.0

windows 7 OS
java version 8 update 20.

firefox prompted me that it had blocked the applet, I chose to allow it and it loaded up.

the plugin that prompted me in firefox is Java™ Platform SE 7 U67

also loaded up in chrome version 38.0.2125.104 m

Internet explorer did the same thing to me, sent me to java website.

update: I added your website to the compatibility view settings in IE and it started working. maybe check your java plug in s in the manage add ons section of IE. make sure that they are enabled. also, for IE mine shows at version perhaps if you have something older IE is blocking it from running.