Browsing historical data on a remote tag provider

Wondering if I'm just completely missing something here..

I'm having trouble setting up access to the tag history from our front end server.

Front end:

  • Platform

  • Alarm Notification


  • Perspective

  • Reporting

  • Twilio

  • Webdev

Back end:

  • Platform

  • Tag Historian

I have them both connected via the GAN, service security on the back end allows the reading of tags.

I have a remote tag provider set up on my front end, connecting to the single tag provider on my back end server.

I have the remote tag provider set up to access tag history via 'database' mode, with the applicable configuration entered (below).

However, I can not browse any of the historical tags, they do not appear in the power chart, and I can not subscribe to them with a manually constructed historical path.

8.1-rc2 Cannot pull tag history over gateway network - Ignition Early Access - Inductive Automation Forum

The above forum post would lead me to believe that I need to have the tag historian module installed and licensed on both gateways? Otherwise is there anyone here that can help with this please?

I'm pretty sure you need the historian module on both front and back ends.


IIRC get with your IA Sales rep and ask about the Historian Read-Only module for your front end. Then your front end can read the historians on the backend but not put data into the historian.


The tag history portion of this doc might be helpful...

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Thanks, it turns our that you're all right.

There's a 'free' license for a read only tag historian module for front end servers that I can get from IA and will do.

The configuration on the tag provider for historical data access appears to be for when accessing the historical data via a real time tag path, it appears that it resolves the ignition hostname that inserted the data via this. This is useful for me so I don't have to store that config anywhere.

Thanks gents.