Winter has arrived in Calgary. Everybody have their winter tires on?

It’s not that bad right now in Newport, RI. I’m headed to Northern Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I imagine it will be cold. Hopefully not as cold as where you are :slight_smile:

I’m in new Zealand and its lovely! :slight_smile:

Just seeing flurries here in Southern Michigan. I’ve heard the upper peninsula got some good snow. Not enough yet for skiing, though. :mrgreen:

perfect weather here in louisiana. 70-80 degrees.

I got to shovel 6 inches of snow off my driveway Friday morning, hitting about -20C here now. Yaaaa bring on the snow!!

No snow on ground yet here in the thumb of Michigan, but the threat is in the air…

Hi Steve,

North or South island?

Steve, I’m just a little jealous :mrgreen: . I took a few weeks in New Zealand - mostly driving around the south island, just in and out of Auckland -beautiful country.

Auckland - not quite as pretty as the south but it is warmer :slight_smile:

I spent a few months on Auckland and a couple of years in Kerikeri.

It was very wet. Nice diving though.

Was it that wet? :stuck_out_tongue:

It sure felt like it some days. This was taken about an hour before the water rose above the bridge.

Can Ignition solve Global Warming? That is the question…

I don’t know, I’m try to figure out how Ignition can control this:

oops :blush: sorry about the big picture. I’ll see if I can shrink it.

Ha ha - that would be sweet!

That could be a bit hard, as I think it may Run off the rails… :wink:

Of course if I do succeed in that, it could open up a whole new market