[bug-1038]8.1 Tag Browser causing high CPU utilization

Hey all,

I’m testing upgrading one of our systems that’s on 7.9 to 8.1 and I ran into an issue.

If I have the tag browser open / interact with it and a lot of tag writes happen to a folder that’s visible (but not open) in the tag browser my CPU utilization will jump to 80-100% and stay there. It usually get’s to the point where it freezes my whole system.

In 7.9 this would only occur if i expanded the folder that had all the tags, which is understandable as there are a lot of tags in that folder, but in my opinion it shouldn’t occur by simply having the folder visible in the tag browser.

Has anyone else seen this?

Yes, this is a known issue that’s (high) on our list to fix. I’ve added this thread to the internal ticket.

Oh cool,

I thought I was going crazy.

Any chance there’s also an issue with tag creation being slower? I’m working through a ticket right now with Cirrus Link where my MQTT tags are taking like 30+ minutes to create 400,000 tags while on 7.9 it took less than 10 seconds.

Hmm, I’m not aware of anything, but we are still working through some other tag issues.

Alright, hopefully it’s a Cirrus Link issue then! Thank you :slight_smile: