[BUG-1050] 8.1 Installer Issue

Hi all,

I am new to ignition and have been working with 8.0.16. I am upgrading to 8.1 but am having issues with the installer. This is a Windows 10 Professional system.

The first screen looks washed out but it might be ok…

The Location seems ok, so I pressed next…

This is where I bailed out…

I was taught not to agree with something I cannot read!

I had a similar problem with the designer and client launcher when I originally installed Ignition.

This thread solved that issue if this helps,… Ingnition Designer Launcher - Blank window - #9 by jcoffman

Thanks, Steven

@jcoffman maybe we should disable hardware rendering in the installers by default?

hmm @Kevin.Herron i can look into that.

In the meantime you can run the installer in Text Mode or include the -Dprism.order=sw arg when running the installer

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That made that quick and easy. I am back up and looks like all is well.

If you need me to test on this I will be happy to help out.

Thanks, Steven

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