[Bug-10907] Ignition Beta 8 - import urllib2

Are you able to use the python module urllib2 in Ignition 8? I’m getting an error now: **ImportError: cannot import name Iterable**

There are currently known issues around importing some of the Python libraries. We have an open ticket and will be working to resolve these.

Should be fixed in tonight’s nightly build.

This didn’t pass muster for last nights build. We will update when resolved.

This code was checked in today and should be available in builds available the morning of 11/15. Please let us know if you continue to see issues.

I just installed the nightly build today (12/11) and in the script console I still get an error for import urllib2. Same error as before. Is this just me?

There have been a couple of issues that have been found with caching that might be causing this:

  1. Your .ignition folder on the system running the Designer/Client (typically in the home directory) might have a cached version of the old python modules. Deleting the folder and allowing it to rebuild on startup will ensure you have the latest versions. This will delete your settings in the new Designer launcher, so you will need to add your gateway again after doing this.
  2. The Ignition\user-lib\pylib folder on the Gateway has some stale files that weren’t cleaned up on install. Delete the folder and reinstall the latest version of the Ignition 8 Beta.