[Bug-10926,11571]UDTs from 7.9, Vision client and 32 bit client launcher?


Thanks for approving me as a beta tester. Its exciting to be a part of this. Looks very promising! :slight_smile:

This might be known issues, but I thought I should post my findings in a short summary anyway. :slight_smile:

I installed the beta on a running demo server at a customers control centre (that they also find usefull and use :wink: ), and got a few issues. UDTs with dynamic OPC paths did not convert correctly and stopped working.

This is my OPC path in 7.9:

As I had to revert to 7.9 I have no screenshots from 8.0, but they look the same. Looked like {nnn} is not parsed as before?

Vision client was also very slow, when changing screens I got a lot of java errors. One numeric label used a second or so to load.

This demo server is now intended to be upgraded to a fully functional system and we need to start converting old systems to IGN. I would like to save some time and don’t develop Vision screens and HTML5 later, but did not find all the functions that I would need in the Perspective module. Alarmlist etc.

We also had troubles launching clients on a 32 bit computer. The installer said the operating system is not supported and terminated. Will this be added?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

We’ll have to look into the UDTs with OPC Item Paths not converting correctly.

Did you launch the Vision client with the new launchers + Java runtime or something else?

We’ve dropped support for 32-bit systems in Ignition 8.

Hi Kevin, thanks for replying.

I launched the Vision client with the new launcher downloaded from the gateway.

Okay. If you get a chance to try it again on a test gateway try to capture some of the errors. What you think are Java errors may be scripting or other project-related errors because they all tend to look the same, but we need to look at them either way.

Sure thing. Pretty sure the errors looked to be based from java and not the project.

I’m connected to the plant with VPN, but it works fine running multiple clients with 7.9

The UDT property math issue and Performance issues are issues we have flagged already.

What is happening with the UDT properties is the datatype of the parameters is changing to unknown on migration. Right now the plan is to remove typing altogether for parameters and to treat them all as strings, but that hasn’t occurred yet. This is going to cause issue with this functionality until we resolve it.

The performance issues with vision components has been noted internally and we will focus on these types of issues closer to release.

For the java errors when opening vision components, are these serialization errors? If so, would it be possible to DM me a project export to see if I can duplicate? We know that these types of issues will crop up, and have been going through a number of backups trying to squash as many as possible, but have been expecting more to show up. If these aren’t serialization errors, could you please post them the next time you upgrade so that we can look at the issue?


Hi All,

Any news regarding the UDT issue with 8.0? Would like to give it another go.

There have been changes made in this area, but the issue is still under development. In the latest build the datatype has been removed and the math aspect is working, but when after the math occurs the values are being substituted with decimal representations of the math performed, ex. 1.0 instead of 1.


Hi Garth,

Any news regarding UDTs?

Hi All,

I would like to “bump” this thread. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed reply. The UDT portion of the issues reported should be resolved in the latest build. Let us know if you continue to see issues.

The performance piece is still under investigation.

Thanks for your patience,