[BUG-11020] Query & HTTP Binding Unselectedable

Unexpected Behaviour :
Query Binding and HTTP bindings are unavailable on all components. (Components with bindings seem unaffected)

Expected Behaviour:
To be able to bind values.

Place component, Bind to text or value or {variable}

Version: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018110802)
Designer : macOS 10.4

The bindings do work in windows designer.

Are the options “greyed-out”, or are you clicking them and nothing is happening? Is this happening with all components, or is there a specific one which is experiencing this issue?

Update: The bindings were selected but the screen either remained blank or stayed on the last type of binding. (I will try and re-create and take a screen shot next time)

this occurred after i had allowed my mac to go to sleep/designer had been open for a couple hours.

I was able to resolve the issue by re-starting the designer.

Sounds good. There are known issues which we are working on where the Designer exhibits undesirable behavior after the connection to the Gateway has been interrupted. Until we reach RC, please consider restarting your Designer whenever your internet connection is severed, as well as whenever the Gateway is restarted.

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This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded on 12/10. Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.