[BUG-11133] Designer workspace ruler not anchored when editing a perspective view

On my desktop the designer doesn’t look right when editing a perspective view. See the attached screenshot. The ruler overlaps the top menu and side bar, it pretty much stays there regardless of the size of the designer. It works fine on the server (windows 2008)

Windows 7 Enterprise
Oracle Java 8 Update 162 (x64)
Ignition-8.0.0-beta-windows-x64-installer.exe downloaded ‎November ‎05, ‎2018, ‏‎7:37:16 PM

I will try to launch it on some other machines tomorrow and see if any others do it as well.


Thank you for bringing this up! I first noticed this exact issue this morning when launching the Designer on a Windows VM. We have already opened a ticket for it, but I’m glad someone else was able to replicate it!

If you’d like a temporary solution until we fix this, I would suggest right clicking your computers desktop and select Display Settings. Then set the Scale and Layout to 100% like shown here.

Sometimes, especially with windows machines as VMs, this setting gets overwritten to something other than 100% and causes the issue you are seeing.


Yep, that workaround works, thanks Osolorzano.

This workaround should no longer be necessary, we believe that this was fixed in the nightly build of the Nov 10th.

This does appear to be resolved now.