[BUG-11133] Perspective view in Designer not respecting hi-DPI

1. The behavior you unexpectedly encountered: On HiDPI screens, when I create a new Perspective View, it is shown not respecting HiDPI. In other words, the Designer is shown with larger fonts and graphics, except for the Perspective View which is shown much smaller. (screenshot attached)

2. The behavior you were expecting to see - again, one line is fine. The Perspective View would use the same HiDPI settings as the rest of the Designer.

3. A list of the steps you took that exposed the issue - including your starting point.

  1. Right click on Perspective → Views.
  2. Select New View.
  3. Enter a name and choose a layout.
  4. Click Create View

4. A list of helpful information about the situation you were in:

  • The Ignition version number: 8.0.0-beta0
  • Designer launched on multiple OSes: Ubuntu 18.10 and Windows 10 Pro

The behavior did not occur on a machine without HiDPI.

This concern was already raised earlier in the beta.