[BUG-1115] Perspective table selected row data does not update

Ignition 8.0.13

selection.data does not update when the data property is updated.
It will update once I click on the selected row or another row.

Any way to set the selected row property through script?


Sorry for the delay, Jae. We have a ticket for this, and it’s been around for some time now. I’ll do my best to bump priority and pull it into our back log. No way to go about this via scripting currently, sorry.

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There is mention a possible workaround. You could try using a script to manually set selectedRow to null based off of an event.

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was this solved?

Doesn’t look like it. I’m on v8.0.16 and it doesn’t update. To me this a big bug.


[v8.1.0] selection.Row and selection.data are not in sync when changing the selected row property via script. I do recall it working in one of the RC versions (perhaps RC2). Can we please get an update on this ticket?

This issue hasn’t changed status since it was originally opened in 8.0.1. I’ve made a note that it is still an issue and set it up to get new eyes on it tomorrow during an internal bug scrub.

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How about the status of this issue now? Any updates?

No change.

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@cmallonee can we please get this escalated?

You should make that request through your support rep. My power is limited to making notes on the issue that users on the forum are encountering the issue and would like it fixed.

Update: While I went to make another note, I found that this is now currently in development for 8.1.7.


@cmallonee Now with 8.1.7 released, can you confirm if this issue has been resolved? There is no explicit release note around this bug fix.

This issue was resolved as part of 8.1.8, so it is available in the nightly release but it is not present in 8.1.7 Stable.

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@cmallonee Thank you for the timely response. Do you happen to know the timeline for when 8.1.8 will become a stable version?

We’re scheduled to begin the RC process around the middle of July, so probably the beginning of August is what I would expect.

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I don’t think this is quite resolved yet, or maybe this is a different related bug?