[BUG-11342] Panels & Toolbars not showing until reset


I’m just starting to test the perspective module and when I tried to turn on different Panels & Toolbars to the default set, they didn’t show up instantly.

Once I clicked on Reset Panels in the view menu they all appeared.

Hopefully it’s an easy one to fix.

OS: Win 10 Pro (1803) - 64bit
Build: b2018110610


Hello, @Jenko, it looks like we’ve already logged this issue, but it sounds like you’re looking at it a different way.

While in Perspective, there are only two relevant toolbars - The Perspective Design Toolbar, and the Main Toolbar. Even if others are activated, they will not be shown because they contain no actions that will have any effect on your current context (Perspective). You’ll notice that if you switch to a context which would use a toolbar (Vision, for example), that any relevant activated toolbars are visible (you would also notice that the Perspective Design Toolbar is no longer visible once you enter the Vision context).

The true issue here is exhibited when you Click the Reset Panels option from the menu, as the behavior you encountered is obviously not what we intend. This should indeed be an easy fix. Thanks for calling it out!