[BUG-114] 8.0.15 Perspective: Coord container resize with keys buggy


Lots of bugs found when using the arrow keys with key modifiers to resize and position components in a coord container.

4 key modifier combinations shown in the screencapture. In all cases there are these common bugs:

  • the border that should be fixed in place is not; it moves along with the opposite border while also growing/shrinking in width.
  • the border that should be moving in order to grow/shrink the width of the component moves in the wrong direction to what is expected (and would be consistent with Vision).
  • using some of the combinations of modifiers, by repeating the reverse key presses, you are not able to revert the component back to its original position and width, indicating that the modifiers are not acting predictably.
  1. Shift + Left, Left, Left then Shift+Right, Right, Right
  2. Ctrl+Shift+Left, Left, Left, then Ctrl+Shift+Right,Right,Right.
  3. Shift+Alt+Left,Left,Left, then Shift+Alt+Right,Right,Right.
  4. Ctrl+Shift+Left,Left,Left, then Ctrl+Shift+Right,Right,Right.

Still seeing this in v8.1.0… very annoying

Bump. Just checking that this bug is actually captured as it’s quite frustrating…


@mperkins might know - I thought there was an issue like this fixed early in 8.0’s lifecycle, but there may be some edge case not covered.

We’re aware. It’s in our queue this sprint but is currently unassigned.


@nminchin Would you possibly be able to provide me with a view export of where you are experiencing this bug? Im able to replicate the weird interactions with the modifier keys while nudging, but Im not able to replicate the issue when only using the arrow keys. Im guessing that is because im testing it with just a coordinate container and a label inside of it, where your example sounds a bit more involved and could have some other things affecting the repositioning of the component. Thanks!