[bug-11431]Transform script thread overload

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the ability to see the impact of a transform script on the output of a binding. However, we need a way to turn the scanning off when we want to debug code. I’ve disabled the binding but if I open it up it starts running the script over and over again causing a thread overload which, if I let it run long enough will lock up the entire gateway.

BTW, this script, when running as part of the binding works perfectly because it only runs once when the expression structure in front of it changes. But when the binding editor is open it runs repeatedly which in turn triggers multiple complex bindings. Timed waiting threads jumps to 2000 in about 5 seconds.


Thanks for the report. I requested something like this a while back for HTTP bindings, where the API you’re talking to might be rate limited, but it definitely has other ramifications, as you’ve clearly experienced. I’ve pushed that ticket back to get re-prioritized.