[Bug-11556] Perspective Property editor doesn't size properly

When I try to adjust the width of the property editor in perspective it “goes behind” the workspace and doesn’t resize it normally. (Only checked in perspective, not in Vision…)

Running today’s Beta build from earlier.

Additional: It looks like the workspace resizes if I toggle the props open and closed, but not until then. I was expecting it to change in real time like previous versions.

Here is the overlapped version

Thanks for reporting this, its on our radar. :+1:

I think I can add information to this issue. This might be a slightly different issue.

If you remote desktop into a server that is running a designer and don’t close your designer. Then you close RDP without logging out and remote in from a different resolution it will screw up where things appear in designer.

Something with screen resolution in a remote session definitely impacts layout. I presume the same thing would happen if you had a laptop docked and then undocked your laptop with designer open.

I’m having trouble explaining. I have a cloud server I remote into for perspective development. I remoted into it from the office where I have a full size monitor and did some development. Later on I remoted in from my laptop and the layout of the screen was really screwed up. The workspace area was overlapping the controls on the left and I couldn’t close screens because the “X” to close the screens was covered by the designer workspace.

Closing and reopening the screens fixes that problem.

I still have to update to the latest nightly build. I’m maybe 4 nightly’s behind because I’m doing a demo on the system today and I don’t want to risk patch surprises till after the demo :slight_smile:

hmm, sounds somewhat different from what I have going here… I run a client launcher to download the designer to my desk, and the dev box is just another PC sitting close to me

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded today (6/20).