[BUG-11569] Upgrades via Installer create rogue "Program" file

That seemed to fix it. Thanks.

Side note, with that issue it was creating a “Program” file in the C drive that windows didn’t like (made me rename it each time windows started), as soon as I commented out the extra lines it seemed to go away.

I also had this “Program” file with the first installation of 8.0B1 But, that was an update from 7.9.9 to 8.0 and never actually worked. I had to uninstall 7.9.9 and do a fresh install of 8.0B1.

Fresh install did not produce the “Program” file.

@brian.mills or @p_hanson if you still have the upgraded install of ignition could you please upload the install_log.txt file that is in your install directory?

Jonathan C

Please see below:

install_log.txt (196.3 KB)

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We’ve got this one sorted out, there should be a fix for this in the next nightly build. Thanks!

I was called away yesterday, did you still need me to post my install log or are we good to go (g2g) now?

looks like the update this morning did the same thing… install_log.txt (132.5 KB)

Here’s the reason it will create that file again, and then going forward it won’t, and I’ll try and be concise: the problem was with the start-ignition.bat file (located in your root install directory), which is called because the installer takes a backup of the gateway before upgrading. This backup logic is called before the actual extraction of files has taken place, so that if something goes wrong with the upgrade, you have the backup file to revert to that is known to be working.

So when you upgraded today to the newest build, the logic was still using the “broken” version of start-ignition.bat because the file hadn’t been upgraded yet. Now you should have the fixed version of start-ignition.bat, and going forward, any upgrades you perform won’t create that file.


gotcha, ok, I will post again tomorrow with results to confirm

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded on 11/8. Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

I have not seen this since 11/8, including this morning’s latest update/install.

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