[BUG-11583] Cannot (CTRL-Z) a moved component

If I accidentely moved a component, I can not do CTRL-Z or press the undo action to move the component back too it’s previous place. I just have to find the same spot as it were by myself.

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Undo doesn’t seem to track all actions in perspective. I haven’t tried any vision module stuff in 8.0 so I don’t know if it happens there also.

I typically backup (copy/paste) screens before I make changes to them in case I really screw them up.

yeah, I also only did perspective and not vision yet. most of the times I want to select a component but select a wrong one and then it accidentally moves. Thats very anoying without an undo button or shortcut.

I’ve had that happen also. I’m not aware of any alignment tools yet either. I typically type in coordinates to line up all my controls. Growing pains.

You really want to back up screens before you change properties on an XY chart. You can really screw things up with that control while you’re learning what all the properties do.

yeah, about that I can’t find any documentation about how to set up source control.

Default install location on a windows box is this.

C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects

You just have source safe backup that folder I think.

Yes, we’re already aware that component “editing” (movement and resizing) does not get placed on the action stack. I’ve made a note that it’s still being encountered.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.5 nightly build that was uploaded today (9/25).