[Bug-11583] Component resize and move not placed on undo stack

When resizing components (lets say the height of a button in a column container, or even its span) using the drag boxes on the component itself, the action does not make it onto the undo stack. So when the user executes a ctrl-z it skips their change and goes to the previous action.

The resize change correctly applies to the stack if the user changes the properties directly in the Property Editor.

Windows 10, 64 bit (designer and gateway)

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Interesting find! I’ll open a new ticket for this right now.
Update: All done!

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I try to do some manipulation like scaling and moving of a shape in perspective but each time i want to undo my last modification the system delete the shape.(I insert the svg shape)
for native persspective component the undo doesn’t work at all.

Any update?
Until now rc1 release doesn’t fix this issue.

No movement on this issue. No ETA. It’s not even a difficult fix, but there’s a lot to do and there are only so many of us. 8.0.1 is possible still ,but with no movement I wouldn’t expect it before 8.0.2 (June).

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Any word on whether this will make it into the 8.0.3 release?

This will not make 8.0.3, and likely not 8.0.4. It’s definitely painful, but there are much more urgent things on our backlog, unfortunately - and this also requires pretty specific domain knowledge, so there’s only a few people qualified to do it.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.5 nightly build that was uploaded today (9/25).