[Bug 1162] PowerChart Auto Range don't include zero

The auto range on the Perspective Power chart includes zero. Is there any way to get it to autorange without including zero?
For example, when I want to display data that ranges between 90100 and 90200, it’s pretty hard to see any change in the line when zero is included in the chart.

If there is no setting to do this, I’ll have to create something that does it. Is there any way to get the min and max values in a range from the chart?

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Just ran into this today as well, has to be a way to not include zero. Autorange is useless without it.

Has anyone been able to figure this out? I also have the same issue. I’d like to show temperatures ranging from 649 to 651 degC but I get a range from 0 to 700, which basically turns my trend into a straight line. That range is of course dinamic.

I wish there was an autorange mode selection, like “autorangeMode”:“percent” or “autorangeMode”:“absolute”

Also it would be great if the component would expose the actual data and even data within the selected brushes, then at least we could script the min and max values without having to run a separeted Tag History query.

David, can you rename the title of this post to include “[BUG]” at the beginning. I truly believe this is a bug because even Vision and Reporting components that use auto range allow you select whether or not to include zero.

This is a bug. I updated the title with the ticket number we having in our tracking system.

I’m also having this issue. Are there any updates as to a solution? I see the dev team took note of this as a bug a few months ago.