[Bug-11875] system.dataset.exportCSV not creating csv

I don’t believe you had to include a file extension in the filename for 7.9 when using this function. The save prompt would open with file extension type .csv and you’d type a name and it would add the .csv extension to the filename when saving whether you typed it in or not. In 8.0 it doesn’t do that, you have to add a .csv at the end of the filename or it will save the file without extension.

Another thing I’m seeing is that the save prompt doesn’t pre-populate with a suggested filename when you add one to the function. It just opens up blank.

Hi Christopher

Verified that the system.dataset.exportCSV doesn’t behave the same from 7.9 to 8.0 and will write a ticket for it.

Oops - I just created a post for this…

Still not fixed.

Should be clear too, the exportExcel doesn’t work the same either

Hi, this still hasn’t been fixed, do we have an ETA please?

The filename doesn’t prepopulate in the save form.

Hi @joshdunstan,

I am going to try to have someone work on this soon. I’ll update you when its been fixed.

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This bug was addressed in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded today (6/28).