[bug-11887]Alarm Pipeline Fails to send (SMTP Profile working)

Hey folks,

Ignition 7.9.3

I’m working with an SMTP server with a username without a password, trying to send alarms. See below for where I’m at with it.

  • Settings proven via system.net.sendEmail.
  • Adding a dummy password to the below script still succeeds in sending.
smtp = "smtp.example.com"
username = "example@clientEmail.com"
subject = "Test Alarm"
body = "Test Email"
recipients = ["me@myCompanyEmail.com"]
system.net.sendEmail(smtp, username, subject, body, 0, recipients)
  • SMTP Profile proven via system.net.sendEmail
recipients = ["me@myCompanyEmail.com"]
system.net.sendEmail(smtpProfile = "Test", fromAddr = “example@clientEmail.com”, 
     to = recipients,  subject = "Test SMTP")
  • Testing an Alarm Notification Profile via the gateway using the same SMTP Profile gives the following error:

  • Adding a dummy password to the SMTP server yields logging that indicates success, however no email ever arrives:

At this point, I am at the conclusion that whatever is happening is a bug within the Alarm Notification Profile and the way it tries to interact with the SMTP server, as the scripting works perfect.

Hoping someone has encountered this before. While we can use scripting blocks to send all of our notifications, it would be better for us to use the Alarm Notification module.


The good news - you’re not wrong, it is just a bug.
The bad news - there’s no direct workaround within notification pipelines, so you’ll have to wait for us to fix it, and it’s on a low priority backlog. Working around via scripting is probably the best thing for now.

Thanks, Paul.

Would you expect an account requiring a password to resolve the issue? Looking for ways we can use the native alarm notification blocks and user notification.

Alternately, can we specify on-call rosters for scripted notifications?



I managed to find a solution in this instance.

In order to have the alarm notification work:

  • SMTP profile must be configured with a hostname, but no username or password.

  • Alarm Pipeline Notification Block must have the username in the from address.


Following this set-up, it will allow the server to send emails via the notification pipeline without a password.