[Bug-11890] macOS Designer Shortcut Does Not Open Additional Designers If At Least One Already Exists

Is it possible with new Designer to have multiple designer instances open? With old launcher I could just launch a new instance (I usually work with 2+ Designers open at a time. New designer constantly just refocuses my currently open designer.

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I was able to open multiple Designers all working with the same project. Do you mind providing your workspace information (OS, version, Ignition 8.0 build number)? Did you open through a desktop shortcut, or by launching the Designer Launcher?

OS: macOS Mojave
Ignition: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018110513)

I used the shortcut that was created. However, I just tested using “Designer Launcher” and that works. So it’s an issue with the shortcut it seems. Previous versions of the shortcut for the designer worked.

It does indeed seem to be an issue with the shortcut on MacOS. We’ve opened an internal ticket, but it will probably be quite a while before we address this issue. Until we do, please use the Designer Launcher to launch additional Designer Sessions should you need them.