[BUG-11934] Data Type OPC Item Path Binding edits not propagating to Instances

Editing the binding expression on a data type member’s “OPC Item Path” does not propagate through to Instances of the data type. I have used the Tick, Clicked Apply …etc. The only way I can get it to propagate is by removing the binding, apply, then re-adding the binding.

What is the version of the BETA that you are using? We had a few issues with this when the BETA was first released, but they have been resolved within the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been able to replicate this in the latest version of the BETA. If you are using the latest version and are still experiencing the issue, can you please provide:

  1. An example of the change you are making
  2. How many instances are being updated?
  3. If you restart the tag, is it getting updated properly?


Hi Garth,

  1. I’m on beta0 (b2018113002), so just a few days ago
  2. I have one instance. But the problem is that the change doesn’t permanently remain in the data-type after hitting “apply”
  3. No change, as the issue is in the data-type

I have taken some screen shots and summarised the issue I am getting in the attached PDF. Hope it’s clear.

Ignition 8 OPC Path Binding.pdf (366.2 KB)


Thank you for the detailed reproduction steps. This is an issue that was fixed at one point, but looks like it has come back again. I have reopened the issue for it to be investigated again. Currently, the only work around (as you have found) is to unbind the tag and reset it. Appreciate your help in bringing this to our attention.


You’re welcome Garth, and thanks for the quick response.


After some changes over the last few days, I just tested today and couldn’t reproduce this. Please try after tonight’s build (so 12/13 build) and let us know if you still have a problem!

Works great Colby, thank you. I like the binding context menu you guys have added too. :+1:

Small thing on the tag editor pane. The parameter value column seems to have a maximum width. I can never get it to show my full OPC Item Path for example. The column can actually be widened, but the values in the fields only widen to a certain extent. It truncates the last part of the OPC Item Path, which is usually the defining part. I can request this a separate feature if you wish.