[BUG-12132] Text component 'Field Border' no longer has a border

8.0 [b2019040718]

The new Field Border in 8 no longer has a border despite the icon for it showing a grey border. The default border (‘Other Border’) for some of the text components display what used to be the Field Border (bottom component in screenshot), but it doesn’t seem to be possible to reproduce again once the border has been changed to something else.


Also, there is no difference now between the Button border and the Field border:

All examples in screenshots use the Text Field component

I feel like there might be a bug here. See the image below:

It seems that the original “Field Border” from Numeric Text Fields in 7.x no longer has a border. Dropping a fresh Numeric Text Field in 8.0 results in an entry field with a border (“Other Border” in the property listing, though looks like the Etched selection in the resulting dialog). Shouldn’t the [default] Numeric Text Fields that come over from 7.x have the same aesthetic as the new 8.0 component when converted?

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Thanks for the report! We are aware of this issue and have a ticket for it. We’ll update you when this has been fixed.

Thanks again for reporting the issue folks! The 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded today (6/28) should fix the issue.

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