[BUG-12133]Vision Label Background control not working

If a vision label component created and and the background colour is set to something other than that of the page background, selecting Fill Background = False has no effect, the background is still visible.
If you just create the label and do not deliberately set a background colour, it will by default take the page background colour, if you then change the page back round colour the label background changes with it, giving the illusion of transparency, but this is not much use if the label is over a gradient or some other graphic.

Regards David

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Bug report filed - I’ve been clearing up some issues in Vision from the new look and feel, so I’ll hopefully take a look at this soon.

If it would be of any help I have a small example project I could send over, it demonstrates the transparency issue and other likely related issues?

     Regards David

You can certainly send it over - I actually just posted a fix for the label ‘fill background’ setting yesterday, though it hasn’t yet been merged in.

Hi Dave,

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (1/10). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

Thanks for the update, labels look good now.
I have a couple of queries about the buttons and the tab strip should I start new threads for these?

Yes, go ahead and make new topic(s) as needed.