[Bug-12142] Copy and paste new tag creation not working

Copy and pasted a tag to try to make duplicates of it. It changed the name of the tag from FlowRate1 to FlowRate2, but did not create a new tag.
Just changed the name of the existing tag.
This is consistent.

  1. Copy tag in folder A. In this case called FlowRate1
  2. Paste in folder A. Changes existing tag name to FlowRate2
  3. Paste same tag in folder B. Creates new tag FlowRate1 as expected.
  4. Paste again in the same folder B. Nothing at all happens.
  5. Copy the tag in folder B.
  6. Paste in folder B. It changes name of existing tag to FlowRate2.

8.0.0-beta0 (b2018121802) installed over an earlier build
Windows 10 Pro 1803 64-bit


Yeah, we caught that as well and fixed it yesterday… it should be in today’s build. Thanks for the report.