[BUG-12227] Button Background Color

The vision button background color is not behaving as expected. The Border Painted option causes the entire background to become pale causing them to look disabled.
Also of note is the opaque button doesn’t seem to do anything, especially when Border Painted is true.
Edit: Opaque looks like it takes affect after clicking off of button.

Are you using the very latest nightly? I “recently” (before the holiday break) merged a few changes to buttons. The “weird” behavior when the button background is filled completely, the borders disappear, and in general it looks terrible is something we’re looking into with the company that created our new look and feel.

Yes, running b2019010202.

Interesting. I’ll do some investigation and see what needs to be cleaned up with the behavior here.

EDIT: I’ve opened a ticket to figure out what we’re going to do with these other properties.

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In the latest (today) build still doesn’t work correctly…

The ticket is still open. This post should be updated when it’s fixed.

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This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (3/20). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

If you ARE still seeing this issue, you will need to delete the CSS theme files located in


C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\themes



You would need to restart your gateway after deleting these files so that the new files can be placed properly.