[BUG-12267] Perspective Table Pager

Updated to the 1/07 nightly build and have some unexpected behavior in the perspective table component.

I have a data set that has ~570 rows. I have the pager turned on with the following options:

When the component is rendered the “Next” button is grayed out and the table shows Page 1 of 1

The only thing you can interact with the the pick list for the number of rows per page. If you do this the proper number of pages appear and you can use the component as expected.

This component worked as expected previous to this. However I do not download every build so I do not know when it changed.


Definitely a bug. The dynamic data length change seems to have not triggered the pager to update it’s page count calculations. I will make a ticket. Thanks for reporting.


I am seeing this too, is there any update?

Very soon. Currently pending and waiting on final review before merge. -Yousuf


This bug should be resolved in the new nightly build that is available today. -Yousuf