[Bug-12309, 11959]Vision Buttons lack of contrast between Enabled & Disabled states

This applies mainly to the two state toggle button and multi-state button, see below image, the enabled and disabled versions are almost indistinguishable, as Ignition is often used for mission critical monitoring/control, any ambiguity could be at best be inconvenient and at worst lead to critical loss of service/downtime.
They need to be easily identified across different displays and lighting conditions.

     Regards David


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A better way to set the background color of buttons (which would more clearly show an enabled vs disabled button) is something we’re waiting on from the company we contracted the look and feel out to. The ‘disabled’ state on the multi-state button should definitely be affecting the foreground text as well, though - I’ll put that on the list.

The enabled buttons now look much better, but the disabled buttons are now as vivid as the enabled ones so we still have a poor contrast between the two, can we have something like the buttons my original post as disabled and the buttons attached here as enabled?

this is great feedback, ill take a look at it!

Jonathan C

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The button contrast is looking much better now(8.0.0), to be consistent can we get the text of the disabled multi-state button to match that of the standard button?


Button foreground color working properly is probably going to have to wait until we get better access to the look and feel we’re using in 8.0 - we just don’t have access to expose the foreground color and have it work well in the new LaF. It’s definitely not something we’re ignoring, though.

As a very belated followup - these issues were fixed back in 8.0.3