[BUG-12312] Cannot bind (direct or indirect) to array tag

Create an array tag, such as a Boolean Array or String Array.

Copy the path to one of the elements, it will be like:


This path shows as “Bad_NotFound” in Perspective bindings.

If you instead bind to [default]SomeArrayTag, Perspective will provide all of the elements:

This seems like a bug since it is often necessary to access only one element, and I don’t think using an expression to extract the element is correct.

Was able to reproduce the issue and will create an internal bug report since it does make sense that you should be able to access a specific element at a time.

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (2/4). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

It look like the problem have been solved for normal Tag, but i am facing it with a Client Tag. I can not access a specific position of the array or bind to it. i can just get all of it at once.
It also don’t work with Dataset. i can’t by bind to an entry of the Dataset( is it even possible ?)
Can you please also have a look on it?
Thank you

It does appear that array client tags have the same tag binding issue. I’ve created another bug ticket to get this fixed (Bug-15002).

To bind to a dataset element, you can use an expression binding:
{[Client]Dataset Tag}[row, col]

Until there’s a fix for array client tags, a similar expression binding can be used as a workaround by casting the tag value to a dataset first and then referencing it as such:
toDataset({[Client]Array Tag})[row, 0]

Thank you for your help. Until the bug it fix i will work with Dataset and expression binding as you suggest. :grinning: