[Bug-12359] Change color of vision progress bar

I’m looking to change the value color on a vision progress bar. In v7.x this would be through the foreground color property on the component. In v8 the foreground color changes the percentage text color, with background color overlays a semi-transparent layer over the whole component. i.e. a 0,0,0,255 background color would puts a filter-like grey over the component rather than making the background black.

You are right, that looks like something that is now working differently because of our changes to the look and feel. I’ll make an internal ticket for this issue since it makes sense that you should somehow be able to change the progress bar color. Nice catch!

Is this issue solved?

This issue was not actively worked on yet, but on the latest version (8.0.2 and up) we are seeing slightly different functionality that has a workaround to make the progress bar appear like it should.

For some reason, the foreground color will color the progress bar appropriately as long as the background color is not exactly “250,250,251” which is the default background color. Any other background color, even “250,250,252”, will render the bar appropriately. This issue is currently considered pretty low priority, but hopefully this workaround is sufficient for the mean time.


Wanted to add to this. As of 8.0.15 it is still not working as expected. The foreground color also changes the color of the text if “Show Percentage” is selected. And if the progress bar covered the text, it defaulted to white which is hard to see depending on color choices. In 7.x it defaulted to black.and stayed that way. I worked around this by hiding the percentage and adding my own numeric label with transparency to replace the percentage. I also tried using a level indicator control, but the text is not centered correctly when making it as thin as a traditional progress bar.