[BUG-12563] "Open on Startup" issues after upgrading to latest nightly build

I just downloaded the latest nightly build and opened an existing project. When I try to launch a vision client, I don’t get any screen on startup and no menu bar.

I have tried selecting a different window for startup as well as creating a new window, but I get the same result. I have also noticed that when closing down the designer and re-opening, the “open on startup” icon re-appears on the original window even though I have saved the project with a new window selected as the startup window.

I did not have any issues when creating a new project from scratch, so I think it is either a corruption from upgrading my previous project or some security permission that I’m not seeing.

It is also worth noting that the first thing I did after upgrading was to make my existing project the new parent project and delete the “global” project that was automatically created. This install is only used for testing and I didn’t want to deal with the parent/child project configuration. Maybe doing this created the problem.

Parent projects are not runnable projects. The idea behind Parent projects is that you can make changes to them which would be inherited to child projects and that those child projects would be your actual project.

As you’ve already deleted the global project, make a new child project - which will be your true project going forward - and mark your current project as the parent project for the new project.

I don’t think this project is a parent project. The “Inheritable” check box is not checked in the project settings. Also, when I created a new project from scratch, I set it up the same without a parent project and it worked just fine.

Sorry, around here “Parent Project” 100% means project which is being inherited from. If you didn’t make your project inheritable, then it’s not a parent project.

While I’m not encountering the issue with not having any project open, I am encountering the issue with the Open On Startup checkbox. I’m also seeing that changes in the Open On Startup checkbox are not saving to the project correctly. I’ll open a ticket now, and I’ll continue to investigate the project not opening correctly in the first place.

The open on startup issue should be fixed in the next nightly - I already have a fix in place, it just hasn’t been merged in.

Great, thanks for your help! Sorry if I used the wrong terminology.

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (2/6). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

Not that there’s a minor issue with the fix in the latest nightly - if you change the open on startup/about setting for a window you currently have open in the designer, you will lose any unsaved changes. It’s already been fixed (just needs to be merged in), so it’s a short-term issue, but be aware.

This issue is fixed in the next nightly build.

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