[Bug-12579] Perspective Pie Chart Color Opacity

When trying to set the color of a series on a perspective pie chart the color turns to black if the opacity is not 100%. If i am doing this wrong please disregard but i have found no other way.


Good catch! You’re not doing anything wrong. At the moment, 8 digit hex isn’t supported by the chart library. We are working to resolve this issue, either through 8 digit hex support or some other means of applying opacity to individual series. We will get back to you soon. Thanks for the report.


Okay, I’m going to open up a ticket. We’ll need to add opacity as a prop, which may change the structure a bit. If there’s anything else you think might be useful, please let us know.



EDIT 2/10/2020: The nightly build available today fixed the issue, allowing opacity to be set on the wedges.

Thank you Yousuf.

The only other thing i noticed about the Pie chart is that it rebuilds the data prop when i load up the view in the designer. I changed the data prop to use “type” and “count” but it adds back in “planets” and “moons”. luckily though the chart still displays the data from my values and not the default test data.