[Bug-12687] Creating/Modifying Component.CUSTOM Property Keys Fires Change Scripts

I am curious what triggers the change script on properties in Perspective? I noticed today that a change script ran on a custom property when i tried to add a new custom property to the same component. Is this intended or possibly a bug?

That would not be something we intend; propertyChange scripts should only execute when the property value changes.

Would you be okay with supplying the View in question?

PerspectiveTest_2019-02-08_1601.zip (4.3 KB)

I attached a copy of the view. one of the custom properties on the root was bound to a session custom property so i removed the binding.

When I noticed this, I was writing the change script on the “Info” custom property. it pushes properties to the other labels in the view. When i got it working, i went to add another custom property and noticed that the label values and colors updated.

I was easily able to replicate the issue on my end and have opened an internal ticket. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Thank you for looking into this.

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I don’t know if what I’m seeing is part of this issue?

I created a view with a table component, which has a custom key. I have a script modifying the value of this key.

I copied the view and renamed it. I modified the script on its custom key.

The two custom keys on the two different views have the same name.

I am noticing that the two keys are interacting through some quantum mechanics entanglement principle: when one view changes its value, then it’s updated on both.

Its almost like the custom key was a shallow copy instead of a deep copy when duplicating the views?

Changing the names of the keys under “custom” to not be the same seems to break the interaction.