[Bug-12734] Draggable components don't work well with rotation

When you rotate a draggable component (f.e. a Map or a Slider) using the Angle parameter, the drag still listens to the original direction instead of the rotated direction.

I don’t know if it’s important for these components. For the Slider there’s the horizontal vs vertical option anyway. And for maps it will be difficult (OpenLayers has a rotate option, but Leaflet has a long-standing open issue on it: https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet/issues/268 )

It’s important enough that we should fix the issue; input components should always respond well to actual input, and so a Slider which tracks up-down during left-right input is not something we want.

I’ve opened an internal ticket for this issue.

These are good observations, thanks. I would definitely say that rotation is still a work in progress in Perspective.

It’s a lot more usable than rotation in Vision. Certainly with the rotation center that can be passed.

And there’s also the option to disable the rotation for the slider, given the 90° angles are already present via other options.

Any follow-up on this bug?
I’m trying to use the linear scale component in horizontal orientation. The rotation doesn’t work well and there’s no ‘orientation’ property. I also tried the ‘moving analog indicator’ component because it would suffice for what I need. But all of them have the same issue.

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Yes, actually. We have a developer currently working on making component rotation behave like a sane person would expect, AND we have a new rotation “UI/UX” in the pipeline which should be out in the coming months. Both of these are not likely until probably 8.0.4 at the earliest, but there is extensive current work underway to make component rotation not only behave as expected, but also to make it easier.


Just as another note, the Linear Scale and Moving Analog Indicator components auto rotate if the component is sized to be “more horizontal”. So if you drop one of those components and then instead of rotating it, just resize it so its width is greater than its height the internal parts of the component will make a 90 degree turn and function horizontally.

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That’s all I needed. Thanks.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.6 nightly build that was uploaded Friday (10/25).

sorry if I reopen a closed topic but I’m on Ignition Version: 8.1.1 and I still see this weird behaviour of the map component that, using the Angle parameter, the drag still listens to the original direction instead of the rotated direction.
Could it be a regression?

The map component’s functionality with rotation is pretty much forever bound to not function correctly because of the Leaflet issue that is linked in the original post. While we can rotate the map completely, interacting with the map is handled by the underlying library and judging by the posts on that issue it won’t be fixed any time soon.