[Bug-128] NFC reading on 1.0.5 mobile app with Samsung S21

There seems to be a problem with reading NFC tags with the SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 and the 1.0.5 mobile app.

I was able to read NFC tags successfully using 1.0.4 but since the update the app doesn't seem to accept NFC data reception anymore. When the perspective app is opened and you scan a badge, the native NFC app is launched (as if you scan it and no compatible app is on). The perspective app can’t read NFCs and just after a scan the app freezes completely and requires a restart.

I tried to downgrade to 1.0.4-80 and the badge reading is done again with success.

By the way I'm on Android 13

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Sounds like something support needs to hear about. (This forum is not support.)

We have confirmed the issue and working on a fix. thanks for the heads up!


We are rolling out a release ( to address this issue. It will be available on the Play Store soon as well as on the extra materials download page.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!