[BUG-12803]Selection of subview table row highlights parent table(s) row at selected index

If you have a table as subview of table, and you select the first row of a subview table, the first row of the parent table (and any parent tables above that) are also highlighted.

I wouldn’t say this is a bug exactly, because it’s working how it should. This is more about your and other’s expectations regarding the highlighting behavior. When the mouse is hovered over the expanded row/subview of a row, the parent row remains highlighted because the row group still has mouse over. Is this the correct behavior? I’m not sure, since a case could be made either way. I’d be interested to hear what others might have to say. -Yousuf

What you stated, I would expect. But that is not exactly what I am reporting.

Say I have a table and I configure a subview for it that has a table in it with rows that are “children” of the parent row. I open the subview of the first row, and as expected the highlight on the parent table is on the first row, the one I opened the subview from. If I clicked on any row in the subview’s table, I would expect the first PARENT row to remain highlighted. However, if I click on row 2 of the subview’s table, row 2 of the PARENT also highlights. Selection of row 3 of the subview causes row 3 of the parent to highlight, etc.

My mistake, I understand now. We are talking about selection, and not mouse over highlighting. I saw the word highlighting and immediately thought mouse over. That is certainly a bug. Good catch! -Yousuf